Changes in Programme Delivery

Response to the New Normal

Our goal is to provide the best possible training for apprentices so that they enter the hairdressing industry with experience, confidence and valuable skills.

The importance of this has been highlighted in the face of so much change within hairdressing and the nation as a whole. In response to these evolving standards, procedures and safety measures, we at Andrew Collinge Training have made some important modifications to the way we deliver our apprenticeship programmes.

This agility in delivery is not only reshaping the way we teach, it is also having a measurable and positive impact on apprentices.

How have Apprentices responded to the changes?

During lockdown 1st Year apprentices were instructed using only digital methods for colouring and cutting theory. Upon returning from lockdown, we saw a 6% increase in the colour and cut exam First Time Pass Rate as compared with last year’s results.

*This number includes 5 apprentices who could not return due to shielding

What has changed?

Modified Classroom Schedule

  • 1 week onsite with longer days of practical work—keeping sure safety measures are followed
  • 1 week from home with virtual theory and functional Maths and English through Emodo

In-Depth Virtual Learning

  • Attendance and Registration for the day (via Zoom)
  • Functional Maths and English (via Emodo)
  • Hair Professional and/or wider curriculum theory and practical demos (Emodo & Zoom)
  • End of Day discussion to go over what the apprentice has learned (Zoom)

Digital Tools for a Digital Age

  • Emodo for digital lessons, reviews, useful information and interaction with tutors and peers
  • Zoom for virtual video demos, lessons and reviews
  • Popular events, such as Intersalon, are being held digitally

Extra Digital Support for Those Who Need it

For apprentices who require extra support, we will call for a 30 minute tutorial call regarding their progress for both theory and practical.

How you can help

If you would like to see how your apprentice is doing, send an email using your preferred email address to Lisa or Jan (click here for contact info), along with the name of your salon and apprentice. You will then be given access to view your apprentice’s progress.