Hairdressing Apprentice Case Study: Megan

What's it like to train as a Hairdressing Apprentice with Andrew Collinge?
In the following case studies we chat to a selection of Apprenticeships that are undertaking their hairdressing training with Andrew Collinge Training.

We spoke to Megan about what it’s like to complete a hairdressing Apprenticeship with Andrew Collinge at our Castle Street salon in Liverpool. Since completing her NVQ Level 1 apprenticeship, Megan has been working towards an NVQ Level 2 qualification with Andrew Collinge hairdressing and currently works in our Liverpool salon.

What made you decide to do an Apprenticeship with Andrew Collinge hairdressing?

After I left school, I wanted to start work as the idea of going to college didn’t appeal to me.
I wanted to experience what it was like to work and get paid. I chose to do an Apprenticeship as this gave me the opportunity to continue learning whilst I earn a living.

When did you start your hairdressing Apprenticeship?

I started my hairdressing Apprenticeship 2 weeks after I left secondary school and I’ve been with Andrew college for nearly 2 years. I’ve almost finished the second year of my Apprenticeship and I hope to continue into the third year.

What is a typical work week like?

There are 10 Apprentices in my study group and each week we spend Monday in college learning new hairdressing techniques. For the rest of the week I work in the Liverpool salon where I have the opportunity to pick up new techniques from senior hairstylists.
Working as an Apprentice has helped me gain experience cutting and colouring clients hair and in the past 12 months I’ve gradually built up my own clientele in the Liverpool salon.

How has the second year of your Apprenticeship differed to your first?

In the first year of the hairdressing Apprenticeship I spent a lot of time learning different techniques in the classroom. In the second year I’ve had the opportunity to do more practical work and I’ve been assisting experienced stylists which has helped me to expand my knowledge and pick up new techniques.

What do you enjoy about your Apprenticeship?

I enjoy working with the senior stylists and watching how they work has helped me to improve my skills in colouring and cutting. I work with a great team and I enjoy meeting new people on a daily basis.

What would you like to do after your Apprenticeship?

I’m planning to complete my NVQ Level 3 Apprenticeship with Andrew Collinge and hopefully I’ll remain working with the company after I complete my training.

What would you say to anyone considering enrolling on an the Apprenticeship?

I’d definitely recommend training with Andrew Collinge. It’s a great way of gaining experience within hairdressing.