Hairdressing Apprentice Case Study : Chloe

What's it like to train as a Hairdressing Apprentice with Andrew Collinge?
In the following case studies we chat to a selection of Apprenticeships that are undertaking their hairdressing training with Andrew Collinge Training.

We spoke to Chloe about what it’s like training as a Hairdressing Apprentice. Chloe is working towards an NVQ Level 2 qualification with Andrew Collinge Training and currently works at Pernickety Hair Company in Ellesmere Port, Wirral.

Do you have any tips for anyone thinking about becoming an Apprentice Hairdresser?
If you want to be a hairdresser I think an apprenticeship is a good way to learn as you learn a lot more working on the job. I think that to be a good hairdresser you need to be good with people, be very creative and have a good sense of which trends are fashionable right now.

What do you enjoy about your Apprenticeship?
I enjoy meeting new people and being creative with clientele. I like having the freedom to create whatever style a client wants on their hair. I enjoy it when a client asks for my opinion and I can discuss different style ideas with them. I also think an apprenticeship is a good way to earn money while learning new skills.

I like following social media and reading magazines to keep up with current trends and right now I like the new shades of orange and copper that are becoming trendy. My favourite style to create for a client is the ombre colour look.

What’s your day like as an Apprentice?
I work in the salon 4 days a week and spend 1 day at college learning new skills and techniques. Each day I get up quite early as I have to start work at 9am. My day shifts start at 9 and finish at 6. If i’m on the late shift, I work 12-9pm.

I’m very busy in the salon, so I have breaks when I’m free. There’s 6 stylists in the salon and most days all the stylists are fully booked so I help with a lot of clients during my working day.

Each Wednesday I do a training night in the salon and have my own clients that come in to see me. They pay a bit less for an appointment with me because I’m not fully qualified but this has helped me to practise on my own clients.

What do you want to do when you finish your Apprenticeship?

After I finish my apprenticeship I’m hoping to stay on at the salon and create my own clientele and move up within the industry. I’d like to stay in this salon.