Day In The Life of an Apprentice Hairdresser: Dillan Wockenforth

What's it like to train as a Hairdressing Apprentice with Andrew Collinge?
In the following case studies we chat to a selection of Apprenticeships that are undertaking their hairdressing training with Andrew Collinge Training.

We spoke to Dillan about what a typical day is like working as an Apprentice with Andrew Collinge. Dillan is working towards an NVQ Level 2 qualification with Andrew Collinge and currently works at Gossip salon in Oxton, Wirral.

What’s does your daily routine consist of?
Each week I work 9am-3pm on a Wednesday, 10am-7pm on Thursday, 10:30am-7pm on a Friday and 9am-5pm on a Saturday. It’s quite a flexible job and unlike a 9-5 job, you don’t have a set lunch hour or set breaks. You tend to work around clients and when it’s quiet you’ll grab something to eat and have a quick break.

Each day I get up around 7.30am and prepare for work. When I first arrive in the hairdressing salon, I set up my hairdressing kit. I unpack my hairdryer, my hairdressing belts and then help to make sure the salon is ready for clients. This involves sweeping the salon, folding the towels, preparing coffee and checking my apprentice appointment schedule for the day.

How many times a week do you attend college?
I attend college once a week to complete my apprenticeship training sessions. My apprenticeship training sessions are always on a Monday and run from 9.30am-4.30pm. On top of this, we have an extra training session in the salon from 9am-12pm each Wednesday. Both of these training sessions give me the chance to practise new hairdressing skills.

What do you do in your hairdressing training sessions?
At the moment, we’re looking at hair colour in our training sessions. I’ve been practising different techniques for colouring hair. This summer pastel shades are very trendy whilst balayage is still very popular with clients.

How many clients do you see on a typical day in the salon?
I help my salon manager with her clients and I have my own clients from all over the Wirral. My manager normally sees between 10-20 clients in a day and my schedule differs each week. I’m always busy in the salon and the flow of work is always constant, however Saturday is the busiest day.

What do you enjoy the most about working as a Hairdressing Apprentice?
I enjoy transforming a client when they come into the salon. I love it when a client leaves the salon feeling special and glamorous. A good colour and haircut or even a blow dry can transform the client’s mood and make them feel happy for the rest of the week.

Why did you choose to do a hairdressing apprenticeship?
After studying at high school and sixth form, I felt I didn’t want to continue to University. I’d always had a passion for hairdressing and fashion and I thought the best way for me to learn would be to do an apprenticeship. I’m a practical person and I wanted to be active and on my feet. The apprenticeship with Andrew Collinge gave me the chance to do this.