Salon Safety Procedures

Updated 27 January 2022

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have established safety measures and procedural changes to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and to make your visit to the salon as safe as possible. Before visiting one of our salons please familiarise yourself with the current safety procedures below.

Salon Procedures

  • Prominent signage
  • Hairstylists will wear a face mask throughout your hairdressing services
  • We will be maintaining physical distancing by using only a limited amount of styling stations and back washes
  • Frequent surface cleaning, including disinfecting chairs and styling stations after each use
  • Disinfecting hairdressing tools before and after use
  • Using disposable towels
  • Washing fabric gowns after each use
  • Hand washing and hand-sanitising protocols
  • Reception barriers

Procedures for clients

We also would like to request you to make some adjustments during your visit

  • We recommend wearing a face mask in the salon and during your service. However, it is your own personal choice.
  • Waiting areas are much reduced, please do not bring anyone with you (with the exception of carers and parents of children with appointments)
  • You will receive a text from us prior to your appointment confirming the date and time as well giving out important Health & Safety information in relation to your visit

The protection and well-being of our employees and our clients is paramount and we will continue to assess things and make any necessary changes as and when needed.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

To view our risk assessment please follow this link.