Apprentice Memo 2nd November 2020

Coronovirus Update regarding lockdown commencing 5 November

To All Apprentices

In light of the new government guidance and lockdown restrictions for hairdressing salons, your hairdressing training will move to 100% virtual delivery from Thursday 5th November with the following notable exceptions:

1. We will be asking particular apprentices to attend on-site tests within our Liverpool Training centre, these will be of 2-3 hour duration and you will be contacted to confirm your attendance to the scheduled session during this week.

2. We will be requesting attendance on-site for any apprentice due to complete who still needs to prepare and plan for their End Point Assessment. We are expecting confirmation from City & Guilds soon to establish whether the EPA dates can go ahead on Friday 13th November and Thursday 4th December.

Outside of these test sessions, delivery of essential knowledge and understanding in addition to virtual practical demonstrations (where appropriate) will continue weekly on your scheduled training day. We would ask that you continue to attend and actively participate. We know progress can be made and this style of learning is effective.

For those Level 3 apprentices who were expecting to commence training on-site in November, we will be delivering sessions from Tuesday 17th November up to Wednesday 25th November within virtual classrooms.

All apprentices will be notified of these changes which cover the next three weeks of the Training term. As expected Training will stop week ending Friday 27th November when you will return full-time to your employer workplaces. (Subject to All apprentices will return on their usual training day either on-site or virtual, week commencing Monday 4th January 2021. Timetables to reinforce the dates you are expected on-site and in virtual classrooms during the first term of 2021 will be provided to you.

We hope you find this update useful and please do not hesitate to contact your tutors if you have any further queries.

The Andrew Collinge Training Team